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Edition #4

Collaboration with That Beer Place – “The Beer Dinners”

Beer is reclaiming its place at the dinner table

For Saturday evenings in November, join us at That Beer Place, inside the vibrant venue of Chester Market for an evening of beer discovery. Together, we will travel through seven carefully crafted dishes and their selected beer pairings.


Beer is brewed using various ingredients, just like a culinary dish requires a recipe. Beer is so versatile and has such a broad flavour spectrum, giving it unrivalled pairing potential. On one extreme, it can be highly tart or acidic, on the other, it can carry sweet and rounded flavours such as chocolate or caramel. This makes it possible to pair the flavours of any type of dish, with stunning results.


Throughout the evening, we'll discover how beer can be seen as the undisputed King of food pairing, with seven memorable courses and a carefully curated beer selection to match each dish.


Available dates: 2nd || 9th || 16th || 23rd November   -   £75pp